From the same group, produced from the same platform, even to the extent of joint ventures of domestic firms are the same, this is a reference to Ma Zida 2 and the new Carnival (Tuku Forum) first thought. Is that this is entirely the same two character and location product? Of course not exactly the same, on the contrary, these two seem very much common car, the actual ownership of the group has no small difference. Let us look at the new Mazda 2 and in the end how to choose between the carnival.

From the same platform, not low-tech

Mazda 2 and the new Carnival for the same group of small cars from Ford's B2E platform development, the platform was born in 2004, is replacing the old Ford B3 platform. The new platform is front McPherson independent suspension and rear H-shaped torsion beam suspension is almost zero from the new design, more emphasis on handling and lightweight body. Not even MAZDA shocks and struts. Technically speaking, the two vehicles is not low-tech platform.

The same power matching: Ma 2, higher technology content, overall performance is also more

Ma 2 and the new Carnival also equipped with a 1.3L 63KW 123 N • m / rpm and 1.5L 16KW 138 N • m / rpm of the two engines. 1.3-liter engine is more suitable for greater fuel economy requirements of customers, though power is not strong, but walking in the city traffic has definitely enough. 1.5-liter engine will better meet the special requirements on power, engine-driven car even more light. Transfer case in low power output performance in general, but does not want. Engine at high speed then seems to have been awakened general, a very fun way to accelerate energetic. Manual transmission gear clear, moderate stroke. Automatic transmission, although only four stalls, but the gear change smooth, not too frustrated sense of speed is also reflected in relatively rapid.

Although the engines are the same, but the engine horse two new carnival more than S-VT continuous variable valve timing system, but also light weight nearly 80kg, so whether or dynamic response of fuel consumption performance, no doubt accounted for more horse 2 advantage. For example, MAZDA quick strut is not easy to damage.

The same chassis: Ma 2, more radical tuning the new Carnival for most people

Two vehicles mentioned above are used nowadays popular car before and after H McPherson independent torsion beam type suspension travel.

Mazda 2 and the new Carnival can definitely be called a small car's movement pioneer, a strong sense of the chassis as a whole, do not give a loose feel. Front of the steering wheel is also more agile corresponding through gravel road, the shock absorber can also subtle vibration filter very clean. But the greatest strength of small cars with MAZDA complete strut assembly is that the short wheelbase creates excellent flexibility, workers need to open up heart trouble, you can easily shuttle between the traffic flow.

Although the horse two more driving pleasure, but the new way of tuning the carnival is clearly more suitable for the needs of the domestic population.

The appearance of different interior design concepts: Ma 2 lovely new dynamic Carnival

Although the wheelbase the same, but different body design, Ma 2 and the new Carnival of space, reflected by the difference in performance. The new Carnival of the body to a wider, longer wheelbase, so take the space more desirable when fully loaded. Ma 2, inferior head space in the new carnival project who have also been greatly improved: a species such as tall adults sit in driving position, the head and blow the roof there is a distance, this performance in a small car in, it is rare. The performance of integrated space, the new Carnival is undoubtedly an advantage.  B2C | B2B2C