MDV informed us today that they have decided to end their sponsorship of the Fagan twins following their apparent use of racial slurs on social media. Kiernan and Deven Fagan, both of whom are current members of the US ski team, are seen as two of the leading stars of the next generation of competition skiers. MDV's Geoff Curtis outlined the reasons for the decision as follows:

"We have recently become aware of tasteless and inappropriate social media content featuring freestyle athletes Deven and Kiernan Fagan. The use of, or affiliation with racial slurs is never ok, and after seeing this content we had no choice but to end our sponsorship of these two athletes. MDV holds no ill will toward Deven and Kiernan and we wish them well in the continuation of their skiing careers."

It was a Newschoolers thread that brought the content to the brand's attention and, while the thread had to be deleted after references to harassment of the family, Newschoolers would like to state our full support for the decision by MDV.