And when MBT Panda Causal Sandals Women couldn't hook the little guys into fighting for liberty or freedom,

or democracy, or independence, or decency, or honor they tried the women. Look

at the dirty Huns they would say, look at them how they rape the beautiful

French and Belgian girls. Somebody's got to stop all that raping. So come on

little, and join the army, and save the beautiful French and Belgian girls. So

the little guy got bewildered and he signed up and in a little while a shell

hit him and his life spattered out of him in red meat pulp and ho was dead.

Dead for another word and all the fierce old bats of the D.A.R. get out and

hurrah themselves hoarse over his grave because he died for womanhood.


it might be that a guy would risk getting killed if his women were being raped.

But if he did why he was only striking a bargain. He was simply saying that

according to the way he felt at the time the safety of his women was worth more

than his own life. But there wasn't anything particularly noble or heroic about

it. It was a straight deal his life for something he valued more. It was more

or less like any other deal a man might make. But when you change your women to

all the women in the world why you begin to defend women in the bulk. To do

that you have to fight in the bulk. And by that time you're fighting for a word



armies begin to move and flags wave and slogans pop up watch out little guy

because it's somebody else's chestnuts in the fire not yours. It's words you're

fighting for and you're not making an honest deal your life for something

better. You're being noble and after you're killed the thing you traded your

life for won't do you any good and chances are it won't do anybody else any

good either.


that's a bad way to think. There are lots of idealists around who will say have

we got so low that nothing is more precious than life? Surely there are ideals

worth fighting for even dying for. If not then we are worse than the beasts of

the field and have sunk into barbarity. Then MBT Women Panda Casual Shoes Women Fitness Trainers Brown say

that's all right let's be barbarous just so long as we don't have war. You keep

your ideals just as long as they don't cost me my life. And they say but surely

life isn't as important as principle. Then you say oh no? Maybe not yours but

mine is. What the hell is principle? Name it and you can have it.