Recently a few of my family members have been diagnosed with Lyme Disease. Lyme Disease is a rapidly emerging bacterial infection of the blood, caused by the bite of an infected tick. Not long ago Lyme Disease was unknown amongst the medical community and to this day is still relatively hard to diagnose. This is mostly due to the broad spectrum of symptoms, as well as lack of knowledge by health care professionals. Symptoms can range from: *arthritic problems (Lyme is a smart little bug that will hide itself in many corners of the body that are sheltered from our immune system. Often times in the joints) *malfunction of the nervous system (example: twitching of the eye muscle, muscle fatigue, blurred vision, etc.) *swelling of the brain (causing mood changes and depression) *Extreme fatigue (unexplainable sleeping for whole days at a time) and the list goes on. Many times Lyme disease has been misdiagnosed as M.S. (multiple sclerosis), A.D.D. (attention deficit disorder), learning disabilities (in children and young adults), depression and anxiety, Ulcers etc.My Aunt has been struggling with extreme symptoms for years and luckily opened the door for my cousins to get diagnosed as well. There is treatment for Lyme Disease. I have found many books written by athletes who went on to do great things after treatment. These inspiring stories and the strength of my family, gives me confidence that they will all come back from this stronger then ever! I am currently on a mission to gather knowledge and create awareness for this disease. If you break down disease... Dis Ease... no one should have to go through a life of Dis Ease if there is a way out of that pain. The more people that know about Lyme Disease, the more cases can be caught early on.