So basically, i was at lakeridge the other day (go there) and on my 3rd run in the park i overshot and went way too high over a 50 footer and landed right on my back. both my skis released and went flying and i was lying in the snow making a moaning noise that i couldnt stop, i couldnt move either. but a few minutes passed and i was standing up having the ski patrol check me out, and they decided that i was fine so i skiied the rest of the day (and took it really easy) and now its 2 days later and i feel like it never even happened. so now im just replaying it all in my head, and i keep thinking how lucky i was that it didnt turn out alot worse. i didnt hit my head, i didnt break anything in my back, and by 2morrow ill be good to ski again, when it could have easily ended my season. and that would suck, since im leaving for tahoe on friday. so yeah thats my story, and big thanks to all the guys in the park that helped me up and got my skis and such =)