words & photos:  Julie WeinbergerYou know it’s just about the end of the season when Loveland Ski Area, CO closes. It’s the first place to open in the United States and one of the last to close as well. So, to celebrate the incredible season Colorado saw, Loveland’s park crew decided to tow the Smith limo up to the terrain park for some closing day rail insanity on Sunday, May 7.The park was open all day for everyone to hit. At 2 p.m., the Smith limo closed to the public and was used for a rail jam. While turnout was somewhat slim, everyone there came with a mission to destroy the 32-foot box. And, destroy it they did."The limo was a little sticky at the beginning," Brent Stickler said. "But everyone got used to it pretty quickly and it was sick."The one hour jam session saw a whole ton of spinning from 270s to 630s. Drake Unruh’s 270s on, to something like a switch-up (he continued spinning around but his skis never left the box), to 270s out were smooth and consistent. Stickler spun like a top, throwing 630s off throughout the jam session. Josh Bishop’s 270s on, 450s out were some of the smoothest hits all day. Bishop was also one of the few competitors to hit the limo switch."The best trick I saw today was the 630 off," Bishop said. "It was pretty much above what anyone else was doing."After an hour of hiking the limo, six skiers were chosen for a one run final. The one run final seemed like a good idea since everyone was pretty tired. Unruh took first, followed by Bishop in second and Stickler in third.While the crowd judged who won in the final, one of the Loveland employees who ran the event handed Bishop the prize for first place before realizing the crowd cheered loudest for Unruh. Interpret that however you would like.Minus the severely bipolar weather—it was either snowing like crazy or simply gorgeous—Loveland Ski Area went out with a bang. "It was pretty much fantastic," Bishop said. "What a kickass way for Loveland to end the season."

Josh Bishop
Hmm... Cloudy & Snowy in May?
Drake Unruh
Brent Stickler on his way to a 630 out
2nd place: Josh Bishop, 3rd place: Brent Stickler, 1st place: Drake Unruh