Mr Vorzimer said: 'Presumably, they were carrying the brothers and sisters of each other.'The new development comes days after details of a black-market baby ring was broken up by the FBI - with the help of a socialite tricked into buying her son.Taylor Stein, daughter of rock music promoter Howard, unwittingly became involved in a sting where cash-strapped surrogates were impregnated with sperm and eggs from the Ukraine.As she was about to receive her child, for whom she had paid $180,000, she was contacted by FBI investigators who asked her to record her conversations with the three ringleaders.She did, and she was still able to adopt her intended baby, now-five-month-old son RenA trio of baby-sellers have since pleaded guilty to wire-fraud charges and Stein now wants to change the law so adopted children have the right to know the identity of their parents.