Well, things have been "going off" lately.  I've been fortunate enough to take some fun trips and ski some amazing pow back here in Utah with all the homies.  Everyone is rocking the new gear, looking very fresh, haha.  Here are some shots from my adventures...I got to go on a trip to Tamarack Idaho to film a PoorBoyz webisode with Ben Moxham. it was extremely fun, skied some awesome pow stuff outtabounds.

Myself with a rodeo in Idaho
Brady Perron lookin gangsta in his new kit
Witt Foster STOKED on an Alta pow day
Ran into Wiley filming some pow.  Look at that poppin Pro Model suit!
Witt gettin deep while Hennie gets the shot
Witt and Ty Barnes gettin loose
Freshies and Bluebird!
Mr. Tim Durtschi
Durtschi with a dirty switch 3, rockin the shades
Durtschi Rodeo 5 off a cliff...?!!Stay tuned, the weather is amazing right now, as is the snow, and lots of filming is in the near future.  Hope everyone who ordered a suit is loving their new gear, i know i am!