so we had this noble idea to attend the mountain dew vertical challenge finals at loon last weekend. the participants in this extravagansa included myself, ryan (clapp1115) and jason who goes by the name wata. well we start our little trip about 7 am friday from RPI in albany NY and it all starts out fine, ryans leading the way even though im the one who has studied the directions and has the fuzz buster on my truck, so we finally get to VT 7 and are on the search for VT 9 to head over to I 91. well needless to say, after hours of driving, good ol killington appears. so now im like holy shit, this is not good at all. lost out of our minds we call for backup, get the right directions and proceed to do 70-60 on that RT 4 road that winds around the back of killy, fun times! finaly we get to 91 and get heading in the right direction to we find RT 25a which is another twisty crappy road through the white mountains, but the NY drivers we are we avg like 60 on that road, almost running a motercycle off the road. and alas, 6 hours into our trip we reach the bustling town of loon. we setting into the hotel room, and head for the slopes, get some skiing in, take some laps in the park which where very nice by the way. im loving that set up to step down thingy. it was at least 65 degrees, and i got dehydrated and sick and ryan busted his ankle so we went back to the hotel room and found the mountain dew party, jason made friend w/ the people from verizon, as well as some people on the dew crew, which ment mad hook ups. not much went on friday night, but sat was where it was at. got up skied in the 70 degree weather before our race, got lunch and on the way to the course it fucking monsooned which sucks! raced the course, they fucked up ryans time, i came in 4th but they prob fucked up that time aswell. now it was freebee time. tons of free dew stuff keeps getting piled into my truck, not to mention a lifesized yoda that was won in a raffle, along with a signed first decent poster. after the ceremonies it was a little r and r till the afterparty down the block. afterparty went down, big bon fire, more chillen w/ the verizon peeps, then off to mc d's for some food on the way back this van approaches and stops. two girls run out, one wearing her bra outside her shirt, and they ask if they can have one of our boxers. ryan is willing to give up his, so he goes into the bathroom at the local gas station. outside one of them asks me to switch shirts which i gladly ablige, and get a cool northeastern get L.E.I.D at Loon Shirt. we are still looking for the pictures of these girls, i have a source at northeastern on the prowl from them. anywho we get back to the room and im not feeling so hot so i lay down, and wata and ryan go back out. around 1 am they bring two girls in w/ them, they are pretty chill so im like w/e, ryan is laying down mad horrible game on these like highschool girls which is alot of amusement for wata and i. around 4am they leave and peace is finaly amongst the room. sunday roles around, we almost don't wake up for check out, hope in the cars, raid the local gas station for some grub. i head due south back to sacred heart in CT while they try to navigate alone towards albany. which i heard was a trip. mine was a breeze. averaged 80 MPH the whole way down, got back to school did some work and slept. overall good weekend, didnt win which sucks cause im ranked number 1 in the nation in NASTAR, but w/e's there is next year, il keep ya posted on those pictures if i find them.