So for any photograhper that uses Pocket Wizards to trigger a remote camera, no doubt you’ve had the problem where you run out of range and are dissapointed as you can’t shoot the angle you want with your remote cameras due to lack of range. Well Robert Benson has solved that problem for you! The thought of this is sick.  Hopefully the development of these will spawn some new, and much more robust wireless transceivers for photographers soon! A little bit from his blog post about his new switch for 2-way radios is below.


Robert Benson successfully created a long range radio camera trigger using walkie-talkies available from Walmart.  He started working on the project after shooting a Redbull Air race in San Fransisco where his pocketwizard remote trigger set up failed because the distance was too great.  After that race he worked on some alternatives and ultimately came up with this super long range radio based trigger for remote cameras.  He currently has a patent pending on it, to find out more visit his blog: