You might say that this day has been hard to predict, and things didn´t turn out the way they were supposed to.

04.45 and time to leave Lillehammer for a while. New skis in the bag, fixed and good to go!


But as soon as I walked out in the freezing cold from the train, and got through security after a good amount of time, I felt things started to happend. The pilots didn´t show, since Frankfurt were closed due to snowy conditions.

I waited for 4 hours at the gate, and 2,5 hours by this check-in-desk (picture), before I got a new flight tomorrow morning via London. Also I got a Hotel-room and food. Thanks, but you should thank me for waiting!

Hotel, so tired after this crappy day.

Good thing it was a nice hotel with the best burger I’ve had in decades…

You would probably guessed that I’m from Sweden right now, but that’s wrong. Norway, and blue seems to be the color of 2012.

Good night, 0750 flight to london tomorrow morning. See you in CO, hopefully!