Ok so I had one blog post last year and I'm not letting that happen again!  Its September.  Early September.  I'm already getting pumped for the new season, and I doubt we'll see snow till November at the Earliest.  Praying for an amazing season, lay a solid base maybe in October, very early Nov?  Be skiing by Nov 15?  Please?! Last year waiting was the worst.

I'm also thinking about going out to A-Basin for a few days if we don't have any snow.  If anyone has gone before and has any ideas, please, let me know!

I'm planning out some designs for a backyard rail too so that'll be awesome.

The Fall Semester is underway and its stressin me out.  I havent reverted to drawing stick skiers hitting raw jumps over my notes but seriously its only a matter of time.  Seriously though I need a 3.5 at least so I gotta do work.  Its gonna be tough when things get colder though, right now its still basically summer.

Anyway, thats all I've got for now, my Syracuse Orangemen lost their second game today, this one against Akron... So I think thats it for Greg Robinson has head coach, I dont know when he's gone though, either soon or the end of the season.  I still have hope we're gonna pull out a few wins this season though!!

PS: NYS Ski and Board sale at the fairgrounds in Syracuse!! Cant wait! Its Sept 12,13,14.