Heming Vol. 174 from Shred' n Breakfast on Vimeo.A gym edit from 3 weeks ago.After a weekend in London I left the capital of England with a 7th place. Not a super good result, but after practice on saturday and sunday I have no choice to be happy with it. I had such bad practices that I seriously considered dropping out of the event. The jump was pretty small so I didn´t have time to get a grab on my 10. I kept landing on the second line in the landing witch was the sweet spot of the jump, but I had to go bigger if I wanted a chance to make it around. After a short break it was time for the first run to ty to qualify into semi-finals. I had nr 1 on my jersey and was the first one to drop. I tried to get as much speed as possible and what the starter on top forgot to tell me and shared with the rest of the guys right after I drop is that they have salted the inrun. As a result I landed like 5 feet past the last line in the landing.of course I eat shit, but I landed my second run and made it thru. Semi-finals was head to head with 2 runs, best one counts. Kind of a weird format. I met PC Fosse in the first battle, He fell on both his runs so I made it thru to the top 8. Next up is Russ Henshaw. Im up first, I hit something on the take off but still manage to get it around to ten, A really bad ten tough. Russ falls on a sw dub 10. Second round, I do probably the best 10 of my weekend, and russ lands a sick sw dub 9. I get scored a 84, the same score as my first jump something I find a little weird, Russ get´s a 85 and moves on. That was my experience of the London Freeze 2010. Not the best comp I´ve ever done, but I´ll take it. PK