Hey everybody! Last week I moseyed on over the pond to London, England for the LG Freeze Big Air.  I had been to England once before when I was a wee lad but I barley remember it. This time I remembered my camera so I will remember better!

Flying into London… hey look a jump!

I got into London a day early and kicked it with the queen eating kababs and watching soccer. She is a huge Chelsea fan, its a good thing they won.

Here is Rajim from Pakistan, who besides never actually visiting the states, is a huge CU Buffs fan!

I had never done one of these “city big airs” before. I was anxious to see what the setup was and to see if I remembered how to do tricks. Luckily, we got 2 hours to practice on the jump the night before. Everybody had a fun session learning how to ski again and watching Colby fall down the in run haha.

The comp was delayed a bit due to warm winds and rain (in London…weird) making it hard for them to make snow. They got things going around 4 or 5 though. Out of the 30 or so competitors, 16 qualified to the elimination round. Some fell, PK stomped every run, and before you knew it, the finals were PK vs Dumont. PK’s dirrrrrttttyyyy dub cork 10 prevailed and for his efforts, he was rewarded with a hundred $100 bills.

Being in London, (where the drinking age is 18), everybody except Henrik and his XXXXXXL tall tee...

...had a ridiculous time that night at a techno pub across the street from the jump. However, I forgot my camera.... which was probably a good thing. haha

The next day, I met up with JF Houle to make the trek to the airport via the London tube system. People looked as us like we were absolute fools as we drug our ski bags through Waterloo station, but eventually we made it.

After a 9 hour plane ride, I am stoked to be back home for Halloweeen! Big thanks to Tom West and everybody at the event who made it happen. This event was so fun, hopefully it happens again next year!