I headed down to London for a couple of days last week and it was a little different to all my previous trips. It was the first time i’ve been there and not had to take the underground anywhere. Now, London to the uninitiated seems a daunting place to try and get around but in actual fact the central workings of the city is in a really small area.

A couple of months ago a scheme was introduced to get people cycling around the capital as rental bikes have been conveniently placed around the city allowing you to pick up a bike, cycle to where you need to get to before docking it and getting on with your day. I’d previously enrolled onto the scheme (which you can do here) so was able to pick and choose the bikes at will. And the best bit about it? It’s got to be the cost. I reckon i cycled about ten miles on Thursday with 24 hour rental costing me £1. A great way to see the city.

Trusty steeds in waiting
Ipod Ap to tell you the cost of the trip (under 30 minutes are free)
Cruising around the wet streets
Empty docking stations was a minor annoyance