okay so tihs just happend to me and my too bros its a bit long-winged story but beer with me, sparks notes in the bottom

ok so me and my bros (best eva) were chillin outside the local 7/11 and we sawed this fine ass bitch(datass face) and were like 'yo lets hit this girl up' and i though that we all had a channce so we flipped a coin (lol actually a penny but we) and first it was my other bros turn to try (also on NS, hungrylove)so my bro was ghonna go for it but then me and my bro tought 'fcu kit man" and we kickede him in the shin lol he wont be skiin notime sooner then the girl was all like 'ey wassap y u kick him in da shins' and we were like 'cos we mad hungry yo and ballin' and she saw my jibberish tal-t and i cpould see she was gettin real wet and shit so we figered why not we gonna eifel tower this bitch so we got in my bros car (lol hungryloves car he was stil lcryin ,pussy bitch) so we drive to my crib and show the bitch wat we do up in this bitch and that was thew b and e show muddu winter she got blasted by the steeze and wanted slide on our sticks real hard like so we got the futon out and she started to you know get down down on me while my bro was totally doing the shocker on the bitch adn she loved then we started to eiffl tower her and did a reel gfoodd high five the only way saga reppin bros can (lol hungrylove was still cryin in the toiler9 so we start hitting the bonk with dankass mad kush just like wiz baby black and yellow blak and yelloew ya heard and then we get mad jeebies and tell to get her the fuc k out and slam the door on that ass lol and now hungrylove comes to hit that rips lungs ful and starts spacing out lol what a pussy still no hardcore and cant even do carve 5 bluntso yeah that was my fucking night reppin ns foeva lol we dint pee in her butt lol faqs naaww jk but imma hit the hay but ill bring more quality storie for yall later on man PEACE

++sparks notes for laz-e fuckers : got sciked doen the akimbo road channel wth out a reason for dog barking flipflop hootenanny and asked for a bananmelon slice whereever the sitting happned

it wass phenominal