Ah its day one of brainstorming for hood fuel. Its about 12 at night, its hot as hell around 90 degrees and with no air conditioning were all dying. We couldn't spend the day outside it was just to hot so we spent some time working on the logo and some of the ideas for how members will be able to participate we hope that a few more meetings like this will result in a final product and the ordering of some t-shirts and other mind blowing summer products. If anybody has any questions ask jakereilly, tdude, mnick11, or hoodfuel NS accounts. Are day started off with a little schooling in 100 degree weather followed by chillin and wathching a movie in a cool movie theatre. We returned to Jakes house wanting to hit the rail but of course it was to freakin hot for Jibbin so this is when we started brainstorming.

So we really need feedback, what do you guys think? Keep in mind this only one days work and will continue to get better. If anyone has any free time if you would like you could draw something for us and send it in. If its good it may end up on some of our final products. So start drawing! The next part of our day was even more exciting with some guitar hero extreme to the maximum
Jake shreding on expert (he sucks)
Timmy with the kendama
Nicholas in a deep moment of thoughtSo our day ended up being super chill. We have no info on when this company will be launching its first product but hopefully soon.Now its off to an intense game of 3 player halo. -Hood Fuel crew