As you progress in your editing, there will be times when you may want to remove logos that are distracting.  Action sports companies tend to place their logos ABSOLUTELY EVERYWHERE, and sports like biking take the most logo removal work by far.

(After Logo Removal)
(Before Logo Removal- Notice, fork logos, jersey logos, and Oakley logo)Logo removal is a necessary procedure when you are shooting for stock agencies since they can't sell any photos with logos on them.  Some clients may even request logo removal so that they can run their brand name on the advertisement without advertising for other companies.There are many different methods for logo removal and you'll want to know and understand each one to be able to remove any and all logos with ease!  Here's an introduction for the method's we use most, starting with the most frequently used one.  All sample images below were taken from the before shot above, of the athlete's chest logo.  This is an extreme zoom of the corrections.#1- Clone Stamp Tool -This is the go-to tool for logo removal and will work in almost all circumstances.  The clone stamp creates a copy of one area, and pastes it over the area that you paint.  The starting point is called the "sample" area, and the area you paint is the "stamped" or "copy" area.  To create the "sample" point, simply hold the "alt" key, and click where you want to copy from.  Then paint over the logo and the "sample" point will be copied.  It's important to change the brush size and sample points regularly to hold texture and keep that area from matching too visibly.  Make sure and use a soft brush with this method or it will be very obvious where you are stamping.
(Clone Stamp Before and After)  #2- Content-Aware Fill (Only in the newest versions of PhotoShop)-When it comes to logo removal from areas that aren't overly complex, this method is one of the fastest and easiest.  Content-Aware Fill takes an area that you select, and replaces that area with it's own "made-up" content that will generally fit in perfectly.  It's simple to use, and takes little time to learn.  It's called "Content-Aware Fill" because it is "filling" the area with it's own content that is based on the content surrounding that area.  To use this tool, simply create a selection of an area with any of the lasso's or the quick selection tool.  Then press the "delete" key and in the "fill" window that pop's up, choose "Content-Aware.  Although it's a great method for many circumstances, it sometimes won't work correctly.  This can be remedied most of the time by re-doing your selection in a different manner.
(Content Aware Before and After – The quickest method!) #3- Patch Tool -Much like the clone brush, the patch tool creates a copy of an area over another area, and blends it in very well!  The tool is basically a combination of the lasso, and the clone stamp.  First select the tool, than draw a lasso with it around the logo.  Once it's drawn, simply click and drag the lasso to the area that you want to copy from.  It will automatically blend it in!  If the area you must copy from is smaller than the logo, simply create multiple patches and click then drag each one over a new area.
(Patch Tool Before and After – Fairly accurate and fast)#4- Spot Healing Brush -For small logos that are in areas that aren't overly complex, the spot healing brush is the best method.  Simply select the tool, choose a soft brush sized correctly, and paint over the logo.  It may take a few swipes and re-dos to get this just right, but it works so well you won't even know that the logo had been there from the start!  The logo was too big in this sample so it would not be a good tool in this situation.
(Spot Healing Brush Tool – Generally only works for small logos)#5- Paint Brush -Sometimes logos take place in nearly solid colored locations that are very tight, and won't allow for usage of the other tools.  This is the "when all else fails" method.  It won't create texture, so you'll want to use several colors.  Simply use the color picker to choose the color that needs to be painted, and paint over the logo.  It's the last ditch effort that could save the day!  Keep in mind though, that it is time consuming to perform correctly.
(Paint Brush tool – works well if enough colors are sampled, very time consuming) Now that you've created your logo-free action image, notice how much more focus is drawn on the athlete's eyes or other small details!  This is great to do on images that are printed, and for your own personal collection.
(Before and After Logo Removal – Notice chest logo re-design, and logos above kneepads)