Anyway, I will look at this business as a completely positive thing.First, I was hired at Columbia Outerwear at The Mall of America. I don't start for about a week and a half though, so I am still looking for that $20 an hour + benefits position, but at least I have a pretty good base pay with commission + benefits position in store for me. I received this call last tuesday after seeing Nick and Norah's Infinite Play List. So clearly I was already in a great mood.The greatest confusion comes from the reason why I was seeing that movie in the first place; I just returned from a week long stay in NJ/NY. New York is far more amazing than I had dreamed. I love LA. I love everything having to do with the Action Sports Industry. Some day I will permanently live in LA. But, right now, I wouldn't mind living in NY until I go back to school. I love the weather, mountains, art, culture, and people I have met in LA. But NY offers all those (minus the weather) times 10 and public transportation on top of that. The public transportation bit would weigh in more heavily if I didn't have a car that I am still paying off, but after driving in Manhattan, I am confused by why people think it is so hard. Street parking was free and easy. I am now searching for a position in New York to survive on till September. Who knows, it could end up keeping me there... Now for a completely different tangent.The latest issue of Transworld Surf had their core/not core list. Is the mustache really making that huge of a comeback? I have been seeing them more and more. In no way do I find them attractive, but it wont change my opinion of a fellow to unattractive. The stache is making a full fledged come back. I'll hold back my excitement for now and stick to the come back of flannel prints.