Killington Resort kicked off their event season this past Sunday with the Loaded Turkey Rail Jam. The day started off with 65 skiers and riders from all over the East Coast, and the park crew had set up four great features on Downdraft for the event: a 24-foot down rail, a mellow 24-foot down-flat-down box, a 24-foot flat box and a brand new 24-foot down rail. “Thanks to Mother Nature giving us another night of snowmaking, we were able to sneak in a fun and mellow course allowing us to keep our Reason Park open to the public,” stated Jay Rosenbaum, Killington Resort Terrain Park Supervisor. After a solid 90-minute practice session, the event kicked off with skier qualifiers.

Colin Becker

Each competitor had two runs through the rail course, with the best run counting. A few minutes into the qualifiers, it was obvious that our skier judges, Andrew Holson and Mark Fragrassi, had their work cut out for them. No one was playing it safe and everyone was throwing down incredible runs. In the end, the judges announced the following 13 skiers would move onto the finals: Colin Becker, Jamie Crane-Mauzy, Cole Derrick, Christian Franchino, Sean Hardy, Kyle Keating, Jackie Kling, Dominic Laporte, Marissa Marton, Kieran McVeigh, Chase Mohrman, Sam Putnam and Robbie Remmes.

Announcer and judges hard at work.

Dominic Laporte

Jamie Crane-Mauzy

After a quick lunch break, it was time to start finals. The format was a traditional 30-minute open jam with riders on the top down rail and skiers on the bottom two features. Everyone brought their A-game, and it was clear that no one wanted to leave empty handed.

Sean Hardy

Kieran McVeigh

Jackie Kling



Jamie Crane-Mauzy (2nd) & Jackie Kling (1st)

1) Jackie Kling. Prizes: Turkey, free entry into Rails 2 Riches, Line Shadow Skis, EC Headwear flat brim hat)

2) Jamie Crane-Mauzy. Prizes: Stuffing, Line skis poles, Smith Optics goggles, Smith Optics t-shirt

3) Marissa Marton (not pictured). Prizes: Cranberry Sauce, Smith Optics goggles, EC Headwear hat


Sam Putnam (2nd), Kieran McVeigh (1st), Dominic Laporte (3rd)

1) Kieran McVeigh. Prizes: Turkey, free entry into Rail 2 Riches, Line Step Up skis, EC Headwear flat brim

2) Sam Putnam. Prizes: Stuffing, Line skis poles, Smith Optics goggles, Line skis t-shirt

3) Dominic Laporte. Prizes: Cranberry Sauce, Smith Optics goggles, EC Headwear hat

Mini Shredder

Snowboard Mini Shredder and Ski Mini Shredder Christian Franchino

Christian Franchino. Prizes: Pumpkin Pie, Monster sweatshirt, EC Headwear sunglasses



Rails 2 Riches is coming up on Dec. 11th! Come watch Jackie and Kieran compete against all the other athletes. With $15,000 in cash up for grabs, you know it’s going to be quite a show!