Name: David-Lee BrunelleAge: 21Hometown: Montreal, Quebec, also lived in San Diego, CA for a few yearsOccupation: Pilot in training for the Canadian ForcesHey Dave, how's it going?Excellent, I just wrote my last exam today, so I'm pretty stoked on being able to finally enjoy the summer. How's your summer treating you?Well it just started, but it's been damn hot lately. People don't realize how hot it gets in Canada during the summer. The worst part is the humidity, it's probably the nastiest thing, because you can tell who doesn't wear deodorant instantly. Nasty B.O. aside, I'm stuck in Kingston, Ontario, which happens to be the most boring city in the summer time. During the school year, it's a bustling college town, but right now most of my friends are gone. Luckily I managed to make some new friends that are stuck here over the summer. Lately we've been sneaking into auditoriums on campus and playing Wii or watching movies on the big screen.How did you get hooked up with Moment?I got into the industry as a camera man doing little projects for small websites. I went out to Kirkwood, CA in the spring of 2005 where I met a few Moment riders. Moment was barely known at that point, I had no idea about the company, but I thought the skis looked pretty legit. In 2007, I asked my friend for Moment's contact information and I sent them an email to see if they needed any help promoting the company. I was planning on spending the beginning of my summer in Whistler, so I wanted to show off the new skis to the guys at High North. I flew to Reno to meet Casey Hakansson and Luke Jacobson, and from there on, I began repping and promoting Moment as much as I possibly could.

Moment has a great reputation for such a new company. What are your thoughts on how this happened, as most "new" ski-related companies never get past the drunken idea of, "Hey let's start making skis and posting about it on Newschoolers"?Haha, that's a good way of putting it Rogge. Moment was different right from the start. When I flew in to Reno for the first time, I knew these guys were on to something big. The vibes I got when I first met Casey were great. Casey was never in it for the money, fame or ladies (ok maybe the ladies), he wanted to make skis because he wanted to ride them, he's a ski bum! Making skis should never be about making the most profit or becoming rich, it should be about making skis that you like to ride. Having the factory in the USA is important, Moment is one of the last companies to have their skis hand-made in North America. The fact that the factory is in Reno means that Casey and Luke can inspect every single pair of skis that comes off the production line. Another factor is the creativity of Casey, Luke and Max Miller, the Moment artist. Max is an artistic genius, his graphics, combined with the crazy ideas of Casey and Luke in ski design, is a match made in heaven. Moment is a small company with a huge heart, and some great skis.What's the best part of your job?I think the best part is going out skiing with the Moment crew. The factory shuts down on powder days, so don't show up to the shop if there is more than 6 inches of fresh that has fallen in or around Tahoe. My other favorite part is riding the skis, hands down, Moment's are the best skis I've ever ridden. Try them if you don't believe me.If there is one, what's the worst?The distance of myself and the factory. Living on the East Coast, I have to deal with shipping and other annoying stuff like that, I wish I lived in Reno sometimes, but then I watch Reno 911 and remind myself why I don't want to live there.It's fair to say you're an active member on NS. The other day someone bumped all of your threads and it took up half of the page in the Ski Gabber. What motivates you do be such an NS junkie?If you noticed, most of my threads were created starting around May, which is in turn the end of the ski season for me. I've also been spending my days in the library studying for exams so I tend to go onto NS a lot. I know there are a lot of people in my situation, so I try and make threads to keep the forums busy in the summer. You will notice I'll barely be online starting around November through April, because I'll be waiting for the first dump at Jay Peak.
It's a great site and all but I mean, seriously, are you addicted to NS?Haha, I think what's great about NS is the fact that so many people ask me questions about Moment. Every single day, I log on and I have at least 5 or 6 messages asking me about pop, flex pattern, size and weight recommendations, do I have any skis to give away, I want stickers, I want to be spancercized, etc...It's great for Moment and NS to have someone available anytime to answer questions about the skis. This comes directly from my inbox: You have sent and received 3568 messages in the last 365 days!You've also taken on the long, thought out, and aborted idea of making a member-generated movie. Why take on such a large task?I think it's time for an NS movie. Cameras are finally affordable and of decent quality and I have an entire summer with nothing to do. I think it can be done and we don't have anything to lose, right? I was following Level 1's super-unknown contest, and I thought why not feature all the awesome riders on NS that are not well known. It's really a way of showcasing riders that would not have the opportunity for the general ski population to see their skills.Are you getting some positive feedback?Yes, I did get a few negative comments, but the positives outweigh the negatives which is all that matters. I do accept constructive criticism because that is the only way this idea can evolve.When do you expect the film to "drop" as they say in the "industry"?If all goes well, IF3 in Montreal.
Moment's Mike Klaassen, Dave Brunelle, and some guy whoring products at IF3Speaking of the "industry," where do you see it going?I think the ski industry is going to see more and more companies like Moment popping up. SIA in about 5 years will be substantially larger, there isn't a limit to progression. Who thought ten years ago that we would be seeing switch 12's at 25 feet in the halfpipe? Imagine 10 years from now what freeskiing will be like. Switch 2520?As a Canadian, do you think we've got any chance at getting halfpipe into the Vancouver games? As an American, I think we can but that could be, as Doug like's to say, my "UH-MARE-UH-CAAN" arrogance.It's a possibility, until the final schedule is set up this August, I still have a bit of faith, but it's highly unlikely. I think we're not approaching the situation properly. We need to form an official coalition with the top skiers in the world, the media and anyone else of significance in the sport. That is the only way we can do it. This coalition has to sit down with the IOC and present an official case to the committee. Editor's Note - The next question is for "serious NSers" - Trespassers be warned.
And lastly, because I have to ask, is Moment rider, Cedric Tremblay-Fournier really a pirate or does he just play one on NS?It's no joke, we sailed to Neverland (not Michael Jackson's place) and he introduced me to Captain Hook. Ced's new vessel has 40 cannons and over 200 men. We also sailed the Barbary Coast and boarded a British vessel, stripping them of their tobacco, cane sugar and spices, we also stole their wenches.