This trip was set up to shoot a Ride Guide TV episode with Julian Carr and myself. Our filmer was a local from Kimberly, you can check out his website here at He does some really cool filming, he is currently working on an acordian festival documentary. He was super funny goofy and stoked to be shooting for ride guide.So our goal was to get as many cool shots as we could with 4 days of cat skiing. Sounds easy, but when your filling up a TV show, 15 minutes long... you gotta film everything. This allowed me and Julian to get creative, This allowed me and Julian to get creative, we filmed every run top to bottom, jibbing as much as possible and partaking in the longest tie battle of rochambo in history. I think me and Julian (I lost count) tied 6 times before there was a declared victor.Our guest photohrapher Fransje Vanhoppe and Mike mcphee took some amazing photos that I am showing you here::::

Burning tree, this was to celebrate the end of winter and the begining of spring... and it decreases Fire Danger in the Summer.
Julian Air
Tree Jib, The old Grandfather of the forest
Tree Jib
So relaxing when you get to the bottom and the filmer claims this as BANGER
flatspin, a must have when cat skiing
You can see our cat at the bottom, also note the Saga vent for additional Sag factor
Rochambo!!! we tied 5 times, Julian was reading my mind, it was crazy
I lost, so i had to ski julians sluffed out snow, still fun and worth the hike
safety, always safe to safety a cliff
Big Backy, you can spot our guide in the left of the photo! thanks Jamie!
Whispy Nose butterThere is a huge difference bewteen TV shooting and Video part shooting. The cool thing about TV shooting is that the camera is always rolling and there is no questions about whether features are worthy or not. We have to fill up an episode so it makes for some creative shots that usually get consumed by trying to find the 100 foot gaps jumps.Also, Huge thanks to our Cat Drivers Russ and Libby, without you we would have been sitting in the spa at the lodge all day!