Words & photos by The Red Knight

“There’s no place like home…made rails”. The TC crew cures their autumn angst with do-it-yourself set-ups in the woods and early season park laps from Utah to California. “The Wizards of Odd” is an adventure story the whole family can enjoy.

Fried pizza sticks; the breakfast of wizards named Andy.

Don’t be a square.

Follow the zig-zag rail.

Backcountry skier or homeless person?

“Flexibility is the key to total fitness.” - Radio Ron

Garrett’s second Subaru. (Refer to episode 2.3)

Trying not to get vibed’ out by Tahoe locals.

Garrett’s car was made in 1988.The same year this song was a number one hit.

Cole Drexler; Wizard, Canadian, and nice day haver.

Someone get this wizard a roof rack.

Discount deli sandwiches give you magical powers.

Ross jumps over a campfire.

Will rejoices for chairlifts.

A little rain on opening weekend at Park City.


Traveling Circus Episode 3 Season 5 - The Wizards of Odd