Words by The Red Knight

After taking sabbatical from the road and just before the summer camps on Mount Hood closed for the season, The Traveling Circus reunited to begin filming for season three. The glacier snow on Mount Hood acquires a healthy dirt-brown tint in July and August inspiring Will and Andy to lead their friends towards Oregon coastline sand dunes. But before heading to the beach the Circus took a brief detour north to Mount Adams, Washington for exploration of whatever skiable snow might still be left in late August. Episode One documents the wandering summertime travels of the self proclaimed “Sand People” and their battle to ski all summer long.

Andy enjoys a traditional Mount Hood Taco Tuesday feast.

Max Hill at Windells Traveling Circus Week. Photo Riley Snyder

The Sand People celebrate victory.

Accessing endless dune terrain.

Jeff Curry exploring Mount Hood crevasses.

Jeremiah Paquette: The only snowboarder and biggest sandwich ever in the Traveling Circus.

Will fine tunes the sand ski transformation.

Halfway up the short two hour hike to snow on Mount Adams. Photo: Josh Bishop


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