Like many of you hard working people out there, even us industry folk deal with the negative effects of sitting at a desk all day staring at a computer screen. Fortunately for our Marketing Manager/Team Manager Josh Malczyk he still has serious skillz which cannot be squashed by many upon many hours of inactivity. So take THAT full time desk job big props to Brobomb‘s Ryan Dunfee for recognizing those desk dwellers that still shred!

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Josh Malczyk, the Line/Full Tilt marketing dude and a frequent BroBomb comment contributor, is also one of the few TMs/marketing guys who can still hold it down on the mountain, and compared to his aging contemporaries, in the park.  While it wasn?t always Sleepless in Seattle, the keys to industry riches and desk jobs are the same as they?ve been for almost five years now? work for free for any ski company that will let you intern.

Brobomb: Where did you grow up skiing?

Josh: Mt Southington, CT on the weeknights (I grew up down the road) and Okemo Mtn in Ludlow, VT on the weekends.

So first of all, what do you have to say for yourself for your backwards-hat-at-an-angle-with-folded-bandana look?

We were just clowning, all my friends were artsy and liked indie hip hop where [white boy from CT as I am] love mainstream crap. That was a Champlain College school dance, college good times! Did you see the Dragon seggie from Amateur Hour? That was my swan song.

You must be the only TM to have ever down backflip out of a rail.

Scott Hibbert [under armour] probably has, I?ve also tried them on a rail in my youth, but failed.

How did you end up being the marketing dude/team dude at Line?

I got real into freestyle in high school, went to UVM and got sponsored by the local rep. After realizing no one can pronounce my last name and I wasn?t that good I got in on the backend. I helped set up events so we could slide rials on campus, and ran a fake ski film company (RightSide Productions, it?s a real company now) to get cheap gear and free tickets. Fast forward a year or 2 and I was the intern for Jason and a manager of his food cart, The Joint. K2 Sports bought Line, I graduated, interned at Meatheads, then worked at Skirack. I was commissioned to color in the first prototypes of the Afterbangs (so they would look like Invaders) and got to talking to Jason about a job in Seattle. 3 days later I was on a plane out there, got hired and 3 weeks later I moved across the country. That was 3 and a half years ago, I?ve been doing the same things, just my titles changed a few times.

Are you the best TM/Marketing Manger in skiing?

Yes? Probably not.

How did you get so good at skiing while being an office nerd?

I was good before so I?ve just retained my stock tricks. I?d get hurt soon as sitting in an office over half the year kills your body, but for now, backflips!

What?s your best trick?

Blind folded double backie, only landed once on the side of a road in Vermont. Reference Head for the Hills by Meathead Films to see it.

Outside of that fluke, what are your 3 best tricks right now?

Loop/flat 3 safety, pipe Flair, underflip (I don?t spin over 5).

Smith?s Gabe Schroeder has a reputation of being one of the hardest-charging TMs on skis. Are you better than him and if so, please talk some shit:

Nope, Super G?s on point. Maybe I can do a better park trick but as for real skiing, on real mountains, all Gabe.

What?s the key to becoming one of the best-skiing office nerds in the industry?

Don?t get caught up in the party style, industry guy scene. If you?re in a sick location with good snow and you?ve gotten the work done, enjoy some runs! That scene is a bunch of dudes anyways, I prefer the skiing opportunities.

Who is your most difficult athlete to work with?

Pollard, and by difficult I mean the complete opposite.

Is there any of your team that needs verbal abuse this fall and if so, please go ahead:

Andy, drop the damn rap album! Your fans are waiting!

On a scale from 1-10, how hot will Garrett Russell be now that he?s back on snow and healthy?

Super hot, like sun burn hot seeing as he?ll be shredding the sunny slopes of Tahoe with college co-eds.

Worst thing anyone has said about you or Line on forums:

?line is shitty, they sold out years ago to k2, they are not real, they just have mad advertising teams behind them,? ? Some dude in a post we made about needing an intern, ha! We?re just skiers man, and our mad advertising teams are 3 dudes and a graphic designer. It?s funny (and scary) being seen as a faceless corporation.

Have you ever been better at skiing than someone who?s asked you to sponsor them?

Yes, nowadays kids are really good though.

What?s the dumbest thing anyone has ever said in a sponsor-me application you?ve received?

The misspellings are good. Spancer, Spanser but what?s better is the emails that have every and team manager from every company the person can think of CC-ed on it.

When you guys came out with the Grab Tab, did Swix break down the door and started throwing in grenades for taking their tab idea, and how long did you have to defend Line HQ with a spear?

No, not sure if they noticed but there?s some differences in the design that make it so we can both coexist. Besides, they make them for poles, we make them for Pointy Sticks?

And finally, what do I get for giving you guys two Powder Skier?s Choice awards? I take payment in skis, Fernet, or Canadian dollars.

I can give you a high five for your honest opinions on the best skis in the world, but yea, I?ll get you a Fernet next time someone else is paying for it.

Good day to you.