Newschoolers' Review:

They have the traditional surfy sidecut/profile of all Pollard skis but the stiffer nature of the ski does change things a little. They are much more comfortable in choppy snow and more stable on landings than either the wider Magnum or the narrower Bacon. They bridge the gap between the two other skis very well and offer the probably the most versatile option of the three but for me they are the least obviously 'fun'. - Twig

Characteristics: Playful, great for landing switch in deep snow, solid enough to hold their own.

Manufacturer's Description:

Lightweight, nimble and versatile – all the best features packed into a powder ski from Eric Pollard designed to slash and butter all over the mountain.

In stores from: $749.95

Sizes: 179, 186, 193 C

Dimensions: 141-114-138

Radius: 17

Weight: 2029

Profile: 15-3-15