The Line Skis team was at it again last season skiing every line, handrail, jump, cliff and snowy terrain they can find all over the world! Enjoy this compilation of skiing action footage from the Line Skis Mountain Command, the most creative ski team in the world. – Apeman

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Check out these film companies whose footage of Line MCs you just saw!

Nimbus Independent(Eric Pollard)

Level 1 Productions(Will Wesson, Ian Compton, Niklas Eriksson)

Poorboyz Productions(LJ Strenio)

Meathead Films(LJ Strenio, Will Wesson, Evan Williams, Andy Parry, Andrew Whiteford)

KGB Productions(Rob LaPier, Max Hammer)

Janky Films(Colter Hinchcliffe)

Voleurz(Max Hill, Matt Brindisi)

Gpsy Feelin(Leo Taillefer)

Vital Films(Colter Hinchliffe)

Pop the Spot(Jaime P)

Aestivation(Roy Kittler, Leo Taillefer, Simon Abt, Dennis Ehlet) to see the new skis and gear! ’like’ and share us to win prizes and get the latest from the team!