Member Review:

The Chronics are a very lightweight ski. The top sheet chips quite easily, but other than that they are really durable. Super poppy, flexy, and playful. Overall, a very fun ski. - zakattack66

The Chronic is a ski you can take anywhere. Its width underfoot combined with a pretty long rocker profile allows for some decent powder skiing. It also has a strong camber underfoot and can thus carve well. It performs off jumps and can be spun easily and its rail game is on point. Spinning onto and off is pretty easy and butters are no issue. Watch out for skiing hardpack and crud as it is pretty soft so it will chatter loads. - DocStomp.

Characteristics: smooth, even flexing, torsionally stiff

Manufacturer's Description:

The most trusted name in the game for park skiing, the Chronic delivers on any feature, given its bombproof construction, light swingweight and intuitive edge-to-edge feel!

In stores from: $499.95

Sizes: 164, 171, 178, 185

Dimensions: 121/92/117

Radius: 19 @178

Weight: 1795g

Profile: 2-5-2