Newschoolers' Review:

The Blends are light for the size, have a low swingweight and are super soft in the tips and tails. They aren't that poppy but they are easy to ollie thanks to that ease of flexing them. If you like soft skis, like to play around in the park and around the hill at less than mach 10, buy them. These skis don't take much selling, I know from talking to both Josh and guys on the Line team that it's the team who are requesting this ski remains unchanged because they genuinely love them. But personally, from Line, I prefer the slightly stiffer flex and tighter radius that the Bacons provide as my 'blend' of park/all mountain perfomance. - Twig

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Characteristics: Playful, buttery, lightweight, torsionally soft, jittery at speed.

Manufacturer's Description:

It’s no secret that this is the go to park ski for the majority of LINE athletes – the Blend is best all-around freestyle ski due to its unique flex and poppy, playful personality

In stores from: $599.95

Sizes: 171, 178, 185

Dimensions: 132-100-122

Radius: 20.5

Weight: 1935

Profile: 4-4-4