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Line are coming out guns blazing for 2016-17, and the emphasis is fun fun fun! There are new T-Wall/Eric Pollard pro models, updated cores and colourful graphics aplenty. The new Pescado looks like the birth of fun shapes in skiing, I cannot wait to go skiing on them. The Blend and Chronic have 'all time classic' music inspired graphics, I'll let you make the band connections. And Honey Badgers are pretty much the baddest thing in nature, what a name for a ski which seems to fit the hole left by the Anthem/Traveling Circus Ski. Check out what is undoubtedly one of the best lines for 2017!

Pescado - 158/125/147 - Swallowtail, Partly Cloudy Core, Bamboo Sidewall

Magnum Opus - 148/124/146 - Cloud Core

Mordecai - 141/114/138 - Partly Cloudy Core

Sir Francis Bacon - 135/104/131- Partly Cloudy Core

Tom Wallisch Pro - 117/90/112 - Sintered Fatty Base + Edge, 12-3-12 rocker profile, 5cut, Maple Macroblock core

Blend - 132/100/122

How stoked are you to ride the Tom Wallisch Ski?

Chronic - 121/92/117

Honey Badger - 120/92/116 - Extruded Fatty Base + Edge, Bamboo Core, Cap Construction

Tigersnake - 113/88/109

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