So, at about 8:30p.m.  mountain time I went to the Line web site and went to the overview section to then see the Anthems. To my surprise I found no Anthems. I thought that it was just a mistake until i clicked on the "skis" pull down menu and saw no Anthems there either. I had inveaders last year that delamed so naturally I warranted them. The shop and I had arranged it so that when the skis come I would pay 80 dollars to uprade to the Anthems, but this new development to the already delayed skis worries me. first I was promised that they would be here Before ski season started, then late september then October 19 I would have them, then the week after, and now after talking to Stephan at Line I was told they would be here November 7. So thats good news for all of you that ordered Line skis ar had some under warranty, but for those of us that were waiting for our Anthems it looks as though that day may not come. I have sent an e-mail to Jason Levinthal asking whats up because I was unable to find any press releases or anything indicating what was going on with the Anthems.  For now I can only hope that it was some technical mistake with the site but with everything that has been going on with Line skis this year I personally would not be surprised if the Anthems have already been discontinued.