it's indescribable. no one can change the love between me and it. when i

feel down all i have to do is think of it. look at a picture. and my

mind set is completely changed. i cant begin to tell you how happy i am

that i found the past time. i cannot live without it. if i were to die

happy i would want to die on the mountain. skiing. yes, that's right

skiing. nothing or no one. no person, no drug, nothing could keep me

from the snow. without it i would not be able to live. every year when

the snow melts a piece of me dies inside. what do i do in the summer?

folf sure, but it's not the same. skiing is the highest of the highs,

the adrenalin of 10 fights the rush of doing 150 mph in a car. the

feeling that it gives me is enough to make me forget about problems

that i have and just shred. When the new years snow falls, and the

powder is flying around and hitting your goggles and you can't see, you

go faster. hoping not to hit anything, but you do this because you love

it. I don't know any better. I would give anything just to be able to

ski powder.

Just picture this, you're in the snow, you're shifting left, right,

left, right,'re picking up speed you see a tree so you

turn around it, you then come to a thicket of trees...ahh the famous

tree're all alone all by yourself enjoying your life free

spirited not a care in the silence. ahh that's relaxing.

you come to a stop as you meet up with your friends. some may snowboard

some ski...but you're all there for the same smell the

fresh piny scent and as it leaves your lungs you feel lifted. that's

what i'm talking about here. lifted. skiing is a higher living, it's

not just a past time, it's a lifestyle and those who have adjusted and

love the sport will understand me here, those who don't will not have a

clue what i just wrote. but the only thing that matters to me, powder,

love, and friendship.