Member Reviews:

The Transfer is my ski of choice in the liberty line up. It's super light, but stiff enough to stomp on big jumps and soft enough to butter on rails and rollers. I just rode a fresh pair when I was down in hood and I was ripping turns down the snake track with sharp edges. All around a solid, poppy, and fun park ski. - ScrapLord

Rode these skis all summer, and can say nothing but very good things about them! Super fun, quick skis. Nice and snappy when hitting rails, quick swaps, and no problem with pop. As well as they also have that stiffness to hit big 70+ft jumps into slush with ease. - Lupton

Characteristics: Light, Solid, Poppy

Manufacturer's Description:

Durable, energetic, and light, the Transfer is engineered from the snow up to be an aggressive park and pipe ski. A unique, triple-radius sidecut with symmetrical dimensions and full camber, combined with premium materials, adds up to high performance carving, airs, and landings.

Sizes: 168, 175, 182 CM

Dimensions: 117-119 / 86-88 / 117-119 MM

Radius: 16/13, 17/14, 18/15 M