Level Newschool Trivia ContestWelcome to the Level Newschool Trivia Contest! Test your knowledge of newschool history and get a chance to win an awesome Level prize pack. Here’s how it works:Enter the contest on the Newschoolers web site and test your brain by answering a short Newschool trivia quiz.Submit your entry and quiz answers as instructed.If you answer the quiz correctly your name will be added to a monthly drawing for the Level prize pack: 1 pair of Level gloves of choice (dependant upon availability), 1 Level beanie of choice (dependant upon availability), 1 Level T Shirt. A new contest starts on the 15th of every month from October through February. Entries must be sent via email. Send them to levelxtrivia@newschoolers.comThe subject line should be: level newschool contestThen give your member name and your answers. That's it! Contest will close on the 12th of November, so that we can get the next one started! Now... the Questions:What magazine originated the US Freeskiing Open?     2.   Name the Level Pro who as a rookie placed 3rd in the US Open Slopestyle in 2004.    3.   What ski resort was the first to host the Winter X Games?    4.   This Level Pro raised the bar with amazing amplitude in the finals of the 2004 X Games Superpipe. Unfortunately, he hit the coping midway down his first run in the final, injuring his knee. Who is he?    5.   Name the 4 ski resorts that will host qualifiers for the upcoming Young Gun Open?