In yet another successful round of contesting, Alex Schloppy has come out on top with all the correct answers!   Once again, don't forget to enter in our monthly Level trivia contests where you can win some great gear!   Click the below link to enter into Round #4! to Round #3 Winner: Alex Schloppy! NS membername: PCschlopy In the 1st US Freeskiing Open Big Air Comp, Level Pro, JP Auclair won the gold medal. What trick did he throw?A huge 360 Mute Grab What ski area hosts the Vermont Freeskiing Open?Stratton Level Pro Tanner Rainville hails from:Jericho (West Bolton), Vermont What Level Pro is a native of Wisconsin?Matt Sterbenz These two Level Pros appeared in the 2005 Rage Productions film, Booter Crunk:Tim Durtschi, Zach Davidson