Level 20: Celebrating the lineage of annual feature ski films by Level 1.

2019 rewinding back to 1999: Two decades of stories ripe for the picking. Second, third and fourth generations of freestyle skiing talent. VHS to Instagram. Balance to Romance. The creators behind the imagery, (along with a few special guests), recount the behind-the-scenes history in this twenty part audio series.

New episodes are released every Sunday through November. Listen to Episode 6 now and hear Josh Berman, Freedle Coty, and Conor Smith go in-depth on Level 1's sixth film Shanghai Six. Topics include the end of the Dave Crichton era, the transition to HD video, and the limitations of the ski technology of the time.

Listen to the podcast here, or on Apple Podcasts and Spotify:


Be sure to check out the film before or after listening to the pod. Listen to what went down behind the lens and watch what happened in front of it. All movies will be available for free until the release of our 20th movie 'Romance' on our Vimeo Channel: