I spend Saturday morning recovering from the friends and family screening at the office and subsequent impromptu after party. I drag myself out of bed, chug some milk, and really focus on safety. My friend Ryan and I head over to the Level 1 office where the pre-premiere BBQ is in full swing with plenty of beer for Jon Hartman and the rest of the guests. The Level 1 staff is still hard at work putting the final touches on the movie. Feelin in-spy-ahhed by all the free beer, Shay pops a couple ollies for all of us in the parking lot.


He popped an ollie, and then he was sweating.

Instagram Video courtesy of @Level1.

Ryan and I manage to peer pressure Banks, Eric, and Shay into a little skate break at Arvada Skate Park. It may be been the altered effects of gravity at high altitude or the massive amounts of beer and various herbal supplements, but we all spend a fair amount of time lying on the pavement.


Drunk outdoor tech team skate followed by quiet party scenes.

Video courtesy of Ryan Hackbarth.

The good news is that skateboarding is so much fun. Banks has lip slides as beautiful and majestic as his hair and Shay’s incredible finger dexterity is on full display with his blunt finger flips to fakie - ladies take note. At the end of the session my knees are about as black and blue as they always are after spending time with mega skier pro’s.

The bad news is we are late for the premiere, drenched in sweat, and about 30 minutes away from the venue. I put my women’s driving skills to the test and deliver the boys as fast as possible to the premiere. Now I can head back to my apartment to change out of my skate clothes into a dress and do my hair before heading back to the premiere, naturally.

In the course of the madness, Ryan and I left the Outdoor Tech products we brought for giveaways locked in the Level 1 office. Lucky for me that means an unchaperoned trip to the Level 1 office after hours. I pick up the headphones, lick all the keyboards, and rub myself up against the new issues of the Freeskier Buyers Guide and race back to the premiere in time for the raffles.


I cannot explain why I felt the need to wear a dress that made me look like the ghost of Christmas Past.

Somehow at the premiere I am roped into throwing out stickers and prizes off the stage and helping with the raffle, which means standing on stage in front of a whole lot of people. One guy towards the front is yelling my name while making suggestive gestures with his tongue and fingers, I am not ready for that. I instantly become awkward but thankfully the feeling doesn’t last because I am too preoccupied with being uncomfortable with the fact that most of the young kids in the audience have seen most of my boobs.

This movie is one of the best movies I have seen to date, and that includes Despicable Me. Unlike previous Level 1 movies, this movie is divided primarily by rider versus date filmed or location which really reflected everyone’s individual character, and let me just say the opening segment is MIND BLOWING. The best part is that with 18 planned premiers for this Fall there is a good chance that Less will be screening in a city near you.

I spend the rest of my time at the premiere enjoying time with friends whom I have not seen since the ski season’s end. Khai is busy signing autographs to adoring fans of the illuminati, and when he wasn’t looking someone must have returned the favor with a nice signature right across his cheek. Henrik L. also gave me the most incredible backrub; it may possibly be the best back rub I have ever received – the man knows how to put his hands on a lady that is for sure.


Photo courtesy of Jeffrey Toland Smith.

I sneak away to a quiet bathroom on the third floor to twist one up and I’m joined by a lovely couple, who shall remain nameless, trying to find a place to spend some quality romantic time together. I tell them to just go ahead and get started, as I am planning on being out of there in 30 seconds, but unfortunately just then we are all promptly escorted out by security. I duck back into the party and snag a few friends for a walk around the block to reset and make sure we are as safe as could be for the after party.

Everyone is at the after party. Totally Trevor is hyping people up on stage with the DJ and I’m pretty sure he shot-guns and then slowly sips about two whole beers. I am not a huge fan of the grill as an accessory but Lesh is always impeccably dressed at these events. I am fortunate enough on several occasions to be in the middle of a twerk sandwich between 43-year-old Jon Hartman and his inexplicably hot model-esque wife Liz, and even bust a move with Schui and Dan of Level 1 who are finally able to relax now that the premiere had gone off flawlessly. I am so glad to see Dan finally relaxing, he had been so stressed with the movie and it had been days since he posted an Instagram of his own food (@dangrund).

http://www.newschoolers.com/watch/726546.0/IMG-4664-1--MOVEveryone was gettin' weird.

Once the lights turn on, everyone finally realizes it is 2:00 in the morning and begin to scatter . The after-after party follows, but I’m lame, and exhausted from two consecutive 80-hour work weeks so I go home. Less is an amazing movie, the Level 1 crew is an amazing group of people, and they definitely know how to throw a party. Thank you to Level 1 for another masterpiece and for throwing the kick-off party of the ski season. Do Less.