Along with the telephone, the steam engine, pepperoni pizza, and the Spruce Moose jumbo jet, the spring ski festival is considered to be one of the great inventions of the modern world. Like most of the finer things in life, nobody does the spring blowout better than the Quebecois, and no place in Quebec does it better than Tremblant. On April 7, 2005, Level 1 Productions will be hosting an all ages celebration of the 2004-2005 ski season at Resto/Bar Le Shack. Admission is FREE and prizes should be plentiful. In addition to a special screening of "High Five," Level 1 Productions' most recent release, we will also be welcoming renowned photographer Garrett Brittain, who will present a unique slideshow detailing his travels with the world's finest riders to such exotic locales as Colorado, Utah, Lake Louise and Stittsville. Specials musical guests Vice Versa, led by ski action hero Jason Ghikadis, will bring down the house with their psychedelic funk sounds. The festivities start at 8:30 pm, and seating is limited. Much thanks in advance goes to LIBERTY SKIS and POWDER 11 clothing for making this event possible.

Level 1 Productions Spring Party

Thursday April 7th, 2005


Resto/Bar Le Shack

Mont Tremblant, Quebec

All Ages

Free Admission