Words & Photos: Rocky Maloney

The day began with the crew at 4FRNT kindly holding an open house BBQ for everyone to check out their brand new shop. Unfortunately the weather didn't want to corporate, nailing everyone in attendance with a few of rounds of rain and hail, but it didn't stop anyone from enjoying the delicious hot dogs, cookies, chips and Red Bull that the good people at 4FRNT provided.

4bi9's AJ Dakoulas and Tom Wallisch made it out to show some support for 4FRNT.

From skis, bindings, boots, to 4FRNT's fresh collection of clothing, the store has everything in the world of 4FRNT, along with a huge projection screen where you can check out any number of classic ski movies.

After checking out the front of the store I was lucky enough to get a tour of the rest of the facility. With original ski artwork hanging from the walls, the walk down 4FRNT memory lane gives the office area feel a laid back vibe for everyone to get the inspiration they need to help move the company forward. In the back, all of the inventory currently being shipped to shops is neatly stacked in order in a large room, while right it beside lies the "White Room", where the Eric Hjorleifson-inspired Renegade is being developed and pressed, along with lots of other good things that are coming out of this small but impressive factory.

4FRNT Office

Welcome to the White Room.

And for the times when work becomes a little too much and you just want to relax, you can grab your skateboard and shred a mini-ramp in the back of the building...because everyone deserves a little play time now and then.

LJ Strenio tearing up the mini-ramp.

Big ups to the gang at 4FRNT for inviting everyone into their shop to see what goes on behind the scenes. If you missed out on the grand opening, be sure to take a trip to go check out it out at 2900 West Temple in Salt Lake City.

4FRNT… go check it out.

The nice long line wrapping around the Rail Event Center.

When summer comes to an end and the leaves start to change every skier knows it’s time for the fresh crop of epic ski movies to premiere. Wednesday night was no small exception to that tradition, as hundreds of people showed up for the highly anticipated premiere of 4bi9 Media’s Gunnie Season and Level 1 Productions' Eye Trip. The premiere was hosted at the Rail Event Center in Salt Lake City, which on top of being one of the hardest places to find in the city it also one of the best places to have a premiere, with five screens around the venue so everyone has a good view. The downstairs portion of the venue was open to all ages with autograph signings, raffle tickets and a full concession bar, while upstairs was the 21+ area, which had an abundance of screens, adult beverages and luxury couches and chairs to relax in while enjoying the films.

Inside the Rail Event Center.

Tom Wallisch chats with his fans.

Wiley Miller signing autographs for some lovely new friends.

Everyone got their sugar fix thanks to Monster, which was being handed out at the door. Photo: Max Lowe

Following an hour of hundreds of fans chatting with the athletes while getting posters signed, everyone had made it inside before realizing there were a lot more people than there were chairs. As the jam-packed crowd raced for a seat and began to buzz, the 4bi9 crew came on stage to introduce their new movie, Gunnie Season, and officially got the party started.

The race for a chair.

The 4bi9 crew introduces Gunnie Season.

Gunnie Season is an amazing production. The cinematography, editing and music selection are all on point, and the skiing speaks for itself, from amazing urban shots to the sickest pillows lines…Gunnie Season has it all. Everyone behind the scenes of 4bi9 Media deserve a truck load of recognition for helping put the movie together, and be sure to check out http://www.4bi9media.com to pre-order your copy now.

Level 1 Productions' Freedle Coty heads up the raffle...

...and the swag toss.

Freedle Coty of Level 1 Productions then took the stage to toss out swag and announce the winners of the raffle, which included prizes from Orage, Under Armour, Skullcandy and more. The big prize of the night was a pair of Scott skis, during which five raffle ticket winners were called on stage to have a Monster chugging competition, with the winner taking home the Scott's and the runner-up receiving a pair of Dynastar’s for their efforts. Tim Maney from 4bi9 was lucky enough to be holding one of the tickets, and keeping in true Gunnie Season fashion decided to gunnie (aka shotgun) his Monster, but was disqualified for spilling half of it onto the stage.

Timziila representing Gunnie Season. Photo: Max Lowe

Once everyone settled down Level 1 Productions' Eye Trip began. The 40 minutes of pure eye candy showed why Level 1 took home numerous awards at IF3, including Best Jib Flick and Best Cinematography. With diverse camera angles and breathtaking shots of some of the most amazing skiing ever seen, everything that went into this movie took a lot of talent from everyone involved in the production, from the cameramen to the editors to the skiers. The whole movie was captivating and impossible to turn away from, proving that Level 1 ups the bar each and every year, although it's hard to imagine what they'll have to do to top Eye Trip. Go to http://www.level1productions.com right now to order your copy of Eye Trip. You won't regret it.

Level 1's main man, Josh Berman.