Hey Guys,

I'll start off by saying that the democratic system we are provided with here at Newschoolers.com is great. This system has been put in place for everyone to voice their opinions. You now have the ability to discuss what you enjoy within skiing and where you would like the sport to go. You guys at The Drop have the right idea in mind with the series but Newschoolers doesn't have room for negativity and hate. Feel free to voice your opinion, but this can easily be done without discriminating against someones work. With a webisode you should point out what you like in skiing and what trends you want to see continue. Don't trash trends that you dislike and slander others for their style. As a community we have always preached and promoted the unique style that every individual brings to the table. A webisode calling out a crew's style is incompatible with the values that our group was founded upon. We have been empowered by the site to say and write what we want but with that power comes a responsibility. Momma always said if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say nothin' at all.

As you are aware it takes time and effort to produce content for this website. I like the sit down talk show style of your webisode and it really has potential. Our community is small and close knit, we are all very passionate about the sport of skiing. Everybody putting out content does so with the hopes that it will succeed and be well received by their peers. No one likes to hear negative criticism about the tricks they choose to do or the features they choose to attempt those tricks on. The best part about freeskiing is the freedom to see a feature and send it in your own personal way. You also have the freedom to capture each moment in a unique way through film and photography. In order for the bars to be raised praise and positive criticism need to be promoted throughout the website. Film companies, photographers, skiers and all should be encouraged to go the distance and reach the highest levels of the industry. With your webisode you have the power to shape the sport how you would like, point out positive trends and highlight groups or individuals for their effort and success. Encouragement goes a long way in helping our community grow.

Your webisode is one of a kind on Newschoolers so use your powers wisely and responsibly. Promote growth within the community and help establish positive trends. Every member needs to be treated with respect because we're all here for the same reason. I look forward to watching your future episodes and wish you the best of luck.