The other day my friend Scott brought over a few books for me (Thanks!). One of them was Let My People Go Surfing by Yvon Chouinard (founder of Patagonia). I haven't yet finished the book, but thus far it's the story from day one of creating what is today, Patagonia, what once was yet another way to fund climbing and surfing adventures, has grown from the ground up, crossing bridges as they come, and turned into more than just another company. Patagonia has lead many different markets onto more eco friendly paths. They are environmentalists from the ground up and it's a company with morals. That's about as far as I've gotten into the book. Which, by the way, is an interesting read.Anyways, that's taken up some of the time during my day, but I've also been finding lot's of new websites that I've found to be interesting and an easy way to follow what's happening in todays "green" world. Here are a few that I thought I would share.Heresy Blog - I stumbled across this one today while reading an article labeled "Snowboarding extinct by 2050?". The Heresy blog relates to snowboarding and skiing and that is what I found interesting about it. It's also a snowboard - This site is updated multiple times a day with different eco related topics. From cars to animals to clothing, etc. it's a good source of information.Cool Green Science - Similar to Treehugger, but less updates. Kind of a conglomerate of the daily news in one blog post.Protect Our Winters - Founded by Jeremy Jones, this is an organization designed to...protect our winters. Supported by companies like Dakine, it's another way for the snow sports industry to give back.I'd also recomend going to Jeremy Jones website to follow his adventures. With great photos and intriguing blog posts, I've been getting inspired while I am stuck on crutches.Turn off the lights! I'm out.