I got back last night from a five day excursion to Utah. It was amazing. My friend Jacki and I left to stay with her friends in Salt Lake on Friday at 6 am. By the early afternoon, we were settled in with an endless supply of PBR at our hands. Fantastic. Our WSC media credentials included lift tickets which was very nice to say the least. Saturday, we skied Park City and watched some of the WSC pipe practice. Colby was going huge! Sunday--the day of the event--was all snowy. The morning was pretty epic. By the time the event began, the snow lightened up a bit. The sun never really poked its way out which was unfortunate for my hopes of taking stellar pictures. After watching Hibbert nail a double back on his last hit of his final run, Jacki and I packed up and headed to Alta. As usual, Alta did not dissapoint. Untracked pow on Keyhole put the icing on the cake for the trip. Then, it was back to reality by Tuesday night when we arrived in Boulder. As I sit here typing this out, I am thinking of the nothingness that was today. But, we've got about eight days until Mammoth. Until then, Colorado skiing and class will just have to do.