Fatypus M5


Rocker / Camber / Rocker


The Fatypus M5 is an excellent option for someone looking to narrow their quiver down to one ski. A combination of camber underfoot and fairly aggressive tip and tail rocker make for an excellent combination of float and hard snow performance. The tips and tails are decently soft with a mid / not quite stiff flex underfoot. The ski feels to be on the damper side just by hand flexing, which is what I prefer over a snappy ski. The skis felt very solid and construction looked on point. Definitely a ski that I want to get on and try out. Looks like a great option for someone who wants to kick it in the park on a wide ski.

Moment Deathwish


Dirty Mustache Rocker


The Deathwish has been around for a couple years now, and it's still one of my dream skis. The whole idea behind the Dirty Mustache Rocker is that the ski gets a good bite on the snow right before the rocker points. Essentially it will hold your turns more like a flat tail ski compared to a twin tip, without sacrificing your ability to ski switch and let the tail loose when you want to. It is a bit on the stiffer side and fairly snappy. I would put the Deathwish almost in the same category as the M5, but for someone who dabbles more around the mountain than in the park.

Line Tigersnake


Early Rise / Camber / Early Rise


The Tigersnake replaces the Mastermind for next year. It is completely new, but it reminds me a lot of the 1260. The 1260 was my first ever twin tip / park ski, so the Tigersnake is more of a personal favorite for that reason. It is extremely light and on the snappier side. I see this ski as a perfect ski for the rail rat.

Elan Puzzle TBT


Camber / Convex tip and tail


Another ski that has a soft spot in my heart is the Elan Puzzle TBT. Elan is far from the coolest brand, especially on NS, but they make a bomber ski. I had a pair of the original MO2 and they were awesome. Elan is always bringing new ideas to the table, first with the edge underfoot on the MO2 and now with the TBT (Triple Base Technology) / convex tip and tail. The Puzzle TBT has a mid flex and a damper feel. I can imagine buttering on these would be a ton of fun.

Vishnu Wet


Rocker / Camber / Rocker


Definitely my favorite product I have seen so far. Not only are these skis big pimpin, but Kale and Emmett who run the company are awesome dudes. They have a great story behind their brand and I don't think I have seen another brand that represents its owners so well. These skis are super soft in the tip and tail with a lot of rocker. If you are someone that likes to butter around and do a ton of presses, this is the ski for you. I'm looking forward to what these guys bring to the table in the future.