Rossignol / Look

The new WTR toe piece is the big news from Rossi / Look for '16. Other than that everything is the same as this year with new colorways. Both the Rossi and Look booths were crazy crowded all weekend so I never got a chance to talk to anyone about how it works. Looks much easier to adjust than any other WTR toe piece out there.


The STH2 and Warden return unchanged besides color. I ski the STH2 and it I am very happy with it. Of course when you go from the 13 to the 16 you upgrade in durability. Metal > Plastic


I would have featured the Kingpin since that is what everyone wants, but I don't know a DAMN thing about tech bindings (I mean come on, I'm an east coast park rat). I'm sure there will be plenty of reviews up if the Kingpin is what you really wanted to see. The Griffon, Jester, and Jester Pro return unchanged. They murked out the Jester for next year and gave the Pro a neutral / toned down twist on their typical bright colors.

Jester Pro // Jester

So I blew it and missed Tyrolia, which in my opinion the Attack is the best binding out there. It's being branded under so many different companies (Tyrolia, Head, Liberty, 4frnt to name a few). Sorry guys