This is The Lock Box as it sits today, perfectly functional and waiting for funding. We, at Free2Ride, hope we can make your lives easier by providing a peace of mind while you are on the go.

The top shackle used to attach the box to any location is made of cast hardened steel. The standard for most locks. It also has a rubber coating to protect whatever you attach it to.

Can it be cut? If someone had a large enough bolt cutters or a grinder and plenty of time, like anything, eventually they could cut through it. The box it's self however, can not be pried open due to the rim along the opening of the box being inset. This makes is impossible to slide anything into the box.

Thefts are more likely to chose the path of least resistance, and we feel this would cause them to find an easer victim


Outside measures H 1.5in x W 3.25in x L 4.5in

Inside measures H 1in x W 2.5in x L 3.75in