As we artists continue to be forced to become entrepreneurs in our own right (see this episode of #cjLIVE with Zoe Keating), all things entrepreneurial are of interest to me… How can we channel our creative stuff into thinking into light, fast and hardcore focus like most startups are forced to think. The correlation is not a perfect one, but it’s expressly relevant to us creatives. It’s relevant for me not only in my own photography business, but it some offshoots I’ve either founded or co-founded like (Free, LIVE creative education for everyone) and Best Camera (the first photo app in the world to share images to social networks). I’ve learned a ton through all this and I want to apply/share that experience and photo industry knowledge to do good in other photography via advisory roles that are on constantly emerging.

So anyway, that’s why it was a no-brainer when I was asked by SXSW to lead/moderate this panel with a handful of my super-badass pals Tim Ferriss, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tony Conrad, and JR Johnson — all amazing entrepreneurs, advisors and VC guys in their own rights. So if entrepreneruialism, startups, or the need to learn from them and think like one in your own business has any appeal, you’ll get something outta this panel.

Apologies in advance for the different-than-normal recording quality. The nice folks at SXSW were kind enough to let us share this, but it was created at a different standard than we would have created it due to limited resources. No harm, no foul – we’re just stoked to be able to share it. It’s still very digable.

Have a great weekend.