Beginner or emerging photographer? Well, once you know what?s happening with your camera and all those dials, it?s time to take on lighting and flash photography. In taking that next step – learning to light – you can do almost anything, and nothing opens up this opportunity more effectively and affordably than working with Speedlights, those small on- and off-camera lights that are your entree into a whole new world.

…Which gives me a great opportunity to plug a free, live online workshop over at from my pal, the talented photo instructor, Mark Wallace. The action kicks off this this coming Friday, May 18th (register here for free).

This workshop will give you the confidence to incorporate small portable flash in your photography toolkit. From freezing action in sports or adding drama in location portraits, this workshop will include lots of live shooting examples that will help everything make sense. Once you start working with these portable flashes, I?m guessing you?ll never understand how you lived without ?em.

Mark’s Breakdown of the 3-Days:

Day 1 (May 18) - get the principles down. Once you know what’s happening with your camera/flash you can do almost anything. Get students to try things at each step of the way (I have activities for people at home).

Day 2 (May 19) - expand on day 1 and get the flash off the camera and start modifying the light. More hands-on demos with lots of room for Q&A to put things in practice. More show less tell.

Day 3 (May 20) - Working through common scenarios. Day three will be almost all shooting based on the most common scenarios I hear about (how do I freeze motion on sports, how do I shoot at night, etc). Lots of room for Q&A.

Again – register now here to attend online for free. All are welcome.

Here?s an intro vid if you wanna know more…