Well this is a pretty cool day. March is speeding on by. Hell, it's getting close to being mid-month and just yesterday it was February. But winter is still alive. Oh yes, very alive. Many east coast kids are getting the shaft of warm death rain, while we in the Pacific Northwest... well... we are getting such a beautiful thing... a huge dump.

For the past few weeks, the mountains have been backed by relentless sun. It was excellent to ski in, but it made everything super icy and super firm (at least for us PNW cats) to the point where it was sketch skiing. No longer. Today was a great day. It started off with some clouds moving briskly in the sky. Before one could wonder when the rain arrived, it, um, arrived, and in force. It slamed the Seattle area, only briefly. But the mountains... they reeped the rewards. Bare and wet roads quickly turned to snow covered, closed roads. The 2 main highways were closed due to just epic snowfall. In just a few hours, another pow day is upon me. After last year, it is oh so nice. Looking at 2 feet, 3 in places, of dry pow pow, and a weekday to boot. Oh it'll be grand.

It'll be grand untill the pow is skied out. After, three slopestyles await for this weekend. Unfortunately for us, Stevens Pass has a shat park. In a blog of Mr. Bishop's, he ranted about shit parks and rallying people to fight for better parks at their respective mountains. Here here! It has been the most frustrating of seasons around here. The region has the most snow in the country (more than tahoe, more than mammoth, more than Utah, more than Colorado) but, OUR PARKS SUCK! (save snoqualmie, it isnt too shabby)

It's been amazing to witness. Starting back before Christmas, I've been roughing up some feathers with the management at Stevens Pass because, well, they gloat the living shit out of their park (I'm sure in future blogs I will post some of these gloats to vent some anger) but, well well, the park just sucks. They havent built shit - WE currently have fewer features than two years ago in December. All the jumps have flat lips, flat landings. Most are super small. The longest rail is 10 feet (and for fucks sake they charge more than $50 for a lfit ticket and they had to build parking lots 3 miles away to accommodate the overflow of the people! It isnt a small operation, in terms of cash flow, so build some more goddamn rails!). The "superpipe" has walls that occasionally exceed 12 feet, but it is flat. The progress has been slow. It has been like watching a sloth move from tree to tree. WE have received over 450 inches of snow this season. 450 fucking inches of the best shit known to man. Since December, 2 jumps have been built. 2. Our main jump (aka "the waterfall") was the best it has been ever at the end of January. 14 feet tall, 55 foot deck. Currently...6 feet tall, 50 feet, flattest landing known to man. And it's really funny, the upper management called me on a couple of occasions to let me know that because of my letters and comment cards, they were in the process of progressing their parks dramtically. Well, no change. I'm venting like a bitch but I can't help it. Even though tomorrow is a pow day, I will scope the park, and I know now that I will be dissapointed. If so, shit gonna hit the fan...

end of rant, for now

Well, 3 slopestles this weekend, powder of grandness, sunshine, goodness. The park might be iffy, but it'll be a good time