A few weeks ago we went up to Echo for their 3rd annual Last Park Standing competition.  This event is always a good time, and marks the end of another competition season.  Big thanks to Marc and Chris for hooking us up.  The course set up was full of jumps and jibs, and a pretty big channel gap.  Jon and I arrived a little early, and the rest of the team was warming up on the course with Steph Myers judging it, so Jon and I headed over to the junkyard at the top of Echo.

Tires are fun

As are handplants

Soon after, the comp was underway, so we moved down to get some shots.  Jibij athletes included Pat Goodnough, Carrie Rossman, Jeff Kiesel, LJ Strenio, Kristi Johns, and Jenn Hirsch.

At one point during the comp, Jon revealed he had brought up a giant slingshot, so in between runs we made attempts to shoot people off the chairlift.  Sadly we never did.

Name that NS member

LJ is stoked on slingshots

At the end of the day, our very own Pat Goodnough took home 1st place for men, and Kristi Johns took home first place for women.  Good work guys.

After a good day of skiing, we decided to have a team party since so many of the team was in one place.  After a little thinking, we decided to go to the best Mexican restaurant in the world: Casa Bonita.  If you missed it, we went there a few years ago, and ever since Jeff Kiesel has been begging to go.

As soon as we sat down, I was reminded of just how terrible the food there was.  It's as if they go to a Taco Bell dumpster every night and scoop out the remains, then keep them under a heat lamp for 12 hours and tell you it's fresh.  Now picture that, and know that LJ had 3 plates.

This was actually the most appetizing plate we saw all night

I predict a long night in the bathroom for LJ

After we ate, we got a private magic show, and convinced the staff it was my birthday, so I received a special birthday song.  Then we went exploring.

Jeff Kiesel cannot follow directions

Nevill found what may be the remains of "Black Bart"

Sunglasses inside

After that we moved the party to the shop, where we had a Mario Kart tournament, and the infamous PowerGlove was passed around.

If your season's over, have a good summer.  See you at summer camp.