These last couple of weeks have been my first and last weeks of summer. I've been outside as much as possible knowing that I leave for winter July 12th. I couldn't be more excited to head to South America, but a part of me is always thinking summer in Tahoe. While up in Mt. Hood testing skis for K2, Mike Gutt took us down to the Willamete River to go boating. His friend Spencer works at a boat shop and gets to take the shop boat out whenever he wants and was so amazingly nice to take us for a much needed spin in the 90 degree weather.
Here's Heather Featherman (sweet name) with her look of concentration learning how to surf behind the boat.
Gutt was crushing it the whole day.
We even saw these rad formation skiers practicing their routine. I wonder how bad they fall when one person goes down. Now it's time to pack up for Argentina! Unpack, laundry, make a list, pack it up.